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Exciting and passionate Ebooks from several authors

Butterfly Books

Exciting and passionate Ebooks from several authors

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We at Butterfly Books try to keep the prices of our eBooks down to a minimum. If we make them FREE then the buyer can read and enjoy the book, but unfortuneately is unable to comment or write a review. As a result we currently have to make a minimum charge of only 99 cents/pennies.  Please read and then write a review which is a useful guide to other readers.

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Books from Mike Lord

Mike Lord has also written seven exciting novels and so far managed to edit one by Harry Norton with two others in the pipeline.

Three of Mike's eBooks are based on historical and recorded history, but Mike had had to invent dialogue.  Some of the characters have images available.

Three more of Mike's eBooks are Thrillers with murder and mayhem playing a big role on the story.

Finally there is one eBook by Harry Norton, which Mike had edited, written about 1960, but relating to life in colonial Africa in the 1930s.  Although the writing style is a bit "old-fashioned" there's a critical sting in the tail!


Here are a few of the eBook covers from Mike Lord.